Our Story

Thank you for following our blog and being a part of the Freedom Studios journey! 

We are so happy to have you join the community. Here, we hope to raise awareness about human trafficking and give you the tools to advocate against this injustice. We aim to educate and have discussions about what contributes to the demand, so we can put an end to the cycle. Our hope is that you too can be a part of a survivor's authentic journey of healing and freedom by sharing about the products they are creating, our work program and the impact it has on their lives. 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller


Freedom Studios was founded by Penny Klinedinst, Beth Gammel, and Christin Majerus in 2020 to empower survivors of human trafficking through meaningful employment. Freedom Studios offers bath and body products that are handmade by survivors in Sioux Falls, SD. Every purchase from Freedom Studios empowers and supports survivors of human trafficking as they create a new and better chapter in their lives. 


It can often be overwhelming to hear of the darkness that humanity is capable of. The truth can simply be too hard to hear, so we close our ears to it. It’s too hard to see, so we look the other way.  The problem seems so vast and we may not know what we could possibly do to help, so we leave it to someone else. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. When we learned that human trafficking is happening not in some far off place, but right here in our community we had to listen, we had to see, and we felt called to help. 

It was a divine timing of events how everything came together to create Freedom Studios. The company that produced Simply Perfect’s private label bath and body line, Simply Perfect Sunday, was selling their equipment right around the same time we went to an event in the community by Call To Freedom about human trafficking. That knowledge burned within our hearts. Penny, owner of Simply Perfect, is a successful entrepreneur of over 18 years, has years of experience in business and a heart of gold. She purchased the soap and lotion company and set up the studio in Sioux Falls. Christin, came with the expertise of bringing products with a cause into the hands of those who want to help. She owned and operated her own fair trade business throughout college where she was able to work with female artisans in India, Guatemala, and Uruguay to help them become self-sustaining. She took the skills gained from that endeavor along with her experience in photography, marketing, and web development and built the Freedom Studios brand, making it accessible to customers like you. Beth, with training in both ministry and business administration, had the desire to create a healing and empowering work environment that would be therapeutic for survivors while earning a wage and creating products they can be proud of.

More than offering someone a hand out, the greatest gift you can truly give someone is the belief that they are capable and WORTH IT. A large obstacle survivors face when coming out of their trafficking situation is employment. If someone has been trafficked the last 4 years, they have nothing to put on their resume and they may also have legal and addiction issues due to “the life”.  We seek to assist in that obstacle through understanding their situation and provide training and opportunities for advancement.

We recognize that we are all more alike than we may realize and in the end, we are all walking each other home. When you feel the problem is too big, or that you are not capable, start where you are, do the best you can with what you know to do and what is in front of you.

We are amazed by the healing we have seen in the women through making candles, soap and lotion. This process is more than just offering tasks for their hands-- it is building hope, gaining strength, and most importantly giving them the key to unlock a new and better chapter in their lives.


Freedom Studios exists to create a trusted environment where survivors can work alongside their mentors and heal alongside one another. Our mission is to see every woman who comes through our studio doors to feel welcomed and supported. Our vision is to see these women healed and living a life they are proud of.


We greatly appreciate the support of our families, friends, business partners, local churches and ministries, volunteers, and thoughtful customers. By purchasing Freedom Studios products and joining us on our mission, you are helping to light the path to freedom and unlock a new and brighter future for survivors. 

Follow along with us on our blog for updates on our latest products, upcoming events, and resources and education to help raise awareness about human trafficking and how you can become a social advocate against modern day slavery.